Istanbul vacay!

I know this blog is supposed to cover my life in Izmir but upon taking a two day trip to Istanbul it would be a vintage sin not to cover some of my favorite stores in Istanbul. So without further ado, here goes!

Avantgard East Outlet Vintage. Galatasaray pasajı, İstanbul Turkey.




As you can see, they have a huge variety of dresses, skirts, tops, and clothing for the men as well. I always find little gems here, this time, this gorgeous dress! Only 20 Turkish lira, which would be about 7 euro, or 10 USD.


While I am here I am hanging with my good friend Çinar, (pronounced chee-nar), who thankfully housed the majority of my wardrobe in his place while I shopped for an apartment in Izmir. He is smart, and fashionable, but very shy. I want to do a photo shoot with him but he is very shy and doesn’t like to post pics of himself online. Such a pity as he is a philosopher and has a very eclectic and cool way of dressing. Maybe one day! We are sitting in Cafe Nero and someone left a copy of Turkish Vogue on a nearby table. I scooped it up and it will provide good entertainment for me during the hour ride home back to Izmir tomorrow. Here is a pic of the cover!


Pretty cool, huh? More to come!


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