Cafe il Porto!

Cafe Il Porto. Ataturk Caddesi 374/A, Alsancak, Izmir

This is a cozy little Italian inspired cafe that my good friends, Birgul, Joseph and I just stumbled upon yesterday during our usual city adventures. It’s far enough down on the Alsancak Kordon to be away from the crowds and the crazy city center party life. Amazing cafe and atmosphere, and they make the best toast sandwiches ever!


Their menu:

Tomorrow there is always free beer. Get it? Lol.







The owner, Kerem, speaks English and is a very funny and sweet guy! He says, “I live at home with a cat. I don’t need a wife. Lol!


My partner in crime and fellow teacher, socialite, and fashionista, Birgul!


Totally cute, eh? Missing from these pics is Joseph who volunteered to be the cameraman. Next time! Have friends coming into from out of town tonight and we will probably go back to this cafe this evening we had such a wonderful time there yesterday. More to come!



Borsa. 1482 sokak, Alsancak, Izmir.

Borsa is definitely one of the most creative bars I’ve so far had the opportunity to blog about. As you can see from the photo, it’s based on the Wall Street Stock exchange (bull market, hence, the bull!)


The drinks are all shown on a board, and the prices rise and fall like the stock market, depending on popularity. If a drink sells well, then the price rises, if it doesn’t sell, price falls. The prices change usually every 7-10 minutes as you can see here…


Amazing roof garden with DJ spinning hits upstairs, and a dinosaur fossil downstairs on ground level!




Haven’t seen a place like this even in NYC itself! Fantastic and creative!


Izmir should be famous for its variety stores! This new one, Karga, just opened up, and you can find a variety of unique gifts for every single person on your list. They have a lot of unique gifts and merchandise, and the prices are pretty decent as well. You can literally spend hours in there discovering interesting things! Definitely worth a visit if you are shopping for something unique.

Karga Izmir Enver Dündar Başar Sokak 4\D Alsancak, İzmir








Back in Izmir after a 2.5 hour flight delay due to wild weather in Istanbul. When I landed, I wanted to kiss the ground for joy. The weather was gorgeous here in Izmir even though it had rained earlier in the day. Met up with a friend to catch up and for a little R&R, and had drinks and fries at this cute little place called Alin’s. Good food, wine and spirits, and overlooking the sea. One of Alsancak’s little gems.

Alin’s Şehitleri Cad. Alsancak İZMİR




My all time favorite vintage store in Istanbul. They have the most unique clothes I’ve seen anywhere. On average they run a little pricey by Turkish standards dresses and skirts around 120-200 lira, they have some of the most unique clothes and accessories I’ve ever seen.

Irma Kuloğlu Mah. Yeni Çarşı Cad. No:5/A2 Galatasaray – Beyoğlu, Istanbul –


This is me wearing one of Irma’s dresses at my job (I am a teacher) and my fellow teacher stopped me for a mini photo shoot, even though I was holding my water, computer and other teaching materials. I am obsessed with collecting stamps so I of course absolutely adore a dress with stamps all over!


Yesterday when I went, I tried this one on. If you can’t read it, it is a dress with an “apple pie recipe” print all over it! It was so fun!



This gorgeous girl (ironically also from California) allowed me to take a photo with a dress and sunglasses from Irma:


And this is simply a stunning skirt!


They also have great accessories… Like these watches!


I am hoping they open a branch in Izmir soon as this is the most excited I’ve been about a shop since discovering Betty Page in San Francisco and New York!

Like these looks? Let me know in the comments!

Istanbul vacay!

I know this blog is supposed to cover my life in Izmir but upon taking a two day trip to Istanbul it would be a vintage sin not to cover some of my favorite stores in Istanbul. So without further ado, here goes!

Avantgard East Outlet Vintage. Galatasaray pasajı, İstanbul Turkey.




As you can see, they have a huge variety of dresses, skirts, tops, and clothing for the men as well. I always find little gems here, this time, this gorgeous dress! Only 20 Turkish lira, which would be about 7 euro, or 10 USD.


While I am here I am hanging with my good friend Çinar, (pronounced chee-nar), who thankfully housed the majority of my wardrobe in his place while I shopped for an apartment in Izmir. He is smart, and fashionable, but very shy. I want to do a photo shoot with him but he is very shy and doesn’t like to post pics of himself online. Such a pity as he is a philosopher and has a very eclectic and cool way of dressing. Maybe one day! We are sitting in Cafe Nero and someone left a copy of Turkish Vogue on a nearby table. I scooped it up and it will provide good entertainment for me during the hour ride home back to Izmir tomorrow. Here is a pic of the cover!


Pretty cool, huh? More to come!


I was so happy to stop by this little vintage inspired boutique today! They have really cute, affordable dresses, shirts, and more for men and women. The owner, Leyla speaks English and is very sweet and cute. I bought a gorgeous new red skirt (pics below!)

LEYLA 1441 Sokak no 2/C Kıbrıs Şehitleri, Alsancak, Izmir





This red skirt fit me like a glove and yes it became mine!

The owner and operator, Leyla herself. Really sweet and happy lady!



I am so very happy I moved to Izmir. So many wonderful gems here! Today I checked out this amazing variety store called Cadi Kazani. It is chocked with tons of cute clothes and unique, retro merchandise!

I bought the four coasters, as I thought they were unique and adorable. My favorite is the Frida Kahlo one as she is an inspiration of mine.

CADI KAZANI 1440 Sokak no 2/B Kıbrıs Şehitleri, Alsancak, İzmir